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and the devil said, come on and walk with me

i'll show you some things, that you may not ever see

12 December
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(and the man in the moon is drinking up all the shine)

I moved to Kentucky to get away from all the noise. And while I may not have escaped all the traffic, at least now I have a chance to blame it on farm machinery. I take photos, mostly of old cemeteries, trees, and my dog -- but I don't post them as often as I should. I like listening to good music, wandering antique malls and flea markets, attempting to be artistic from time to time, and drinking good bourbon. I am coming to terms with the fact that, yes, things do taste better when they've been deep fried in lard; also, that macaroni & cheese is totally considered a vegetable. I also believe that everyone has an opinion and is entitled to it, however being a jerk on the internet is not something that you are given as a birthright, so I prefer it if people at least agree to disagree if there is ever an actual srsbidness conversation on my journal.

I also love certain TV shows about rogue CTU agents, straight-shooting U.S. Marshals, and usually-drunk hillbilly squids. Though not all together at once, as that might get kind of weird -- or maybe kind of awesome.