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Hello, Yuletide Writer!

I am so happy to have someone as awesome as you writing for me this happy holiday season! Because clearly, you ARE awesome, as you've agreed to participate in this wonderful fiction exchange, so I am already happy and excited for what treasure will be coming my way on Christmas morning.

I'm very easy to please, so don't fret. I like all types of fic, don't have many squicks, and enjoy reading all sorts of scenarios and pieces. I enjoy good characterization, great dialogue, and action/adventure in my fics -- though some of my favorite pieces have been simply introspection from a single character's perspective of one snapshotted scene. I don't mind violence (as long as it's justified for the scene/situation -- gratuitous headstomping for the sake of bloodshed, not so much) and I certainly don't mind grey areas.

I tend to fall on the het/gen side these days, but I have written, read, and enjoyed slashfic in my time. I don't mind smut, though I am not so much on the dub-con/kink/PWP train.

I love worldbuilding and description, and badassery. But mostly, I am very, very easy to please, so feel free to take any inspiration and run with it.

Raylan Givens, Helen Givens

All I ask with these two is that you don't pair them up in a romantic/smutty scenario, because that is just Not Right. I would love to see any scene with Raylan and Helen that builds their relationship as family, especially since his aunt was so involved in his upbringing. Or a piece in which Raylan flashes back on a moment from his childhood, or contemplates their relationship at her gravesite after she's killed.

Jack Bauer

I left this pretty open, because when it comes to Jack Bauer, I am very easy to please. Character study, action scene, interrogation room conversation, whatever you want to write involving the Bauer, I will be thrilled with.

I love pre-canon fic with him in his Delta days, or canon fic to fill in the gaps, or even just teeny fragments of his very bad days strung together.

I <3 Jack Bauer. The End.

John Constantine

Again, I left this pretty open to interpretation because I really will be happy with anything that might get written involving John. Be it Movieverse or Comicsverse, I don't have true preference (though I am more familiar with the movieverse, but don't let that make a vote in either direction). I love the snarky bastard and I would love to see some demon-battling action! Bonus points for chain-smoking while smiting the unholy.

So really, dear writer...just have fun and write! I am happily looking forward to whatever you decide to come up with, and I'm not a picky person, so please enjoy the process that is Yuletide and have a happy holiday!

Already squeeing with glee,
moofoot, who is pwrofbauer on AO3
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