ali (moofoot) wrote,


Friends only. Comment to be added.

The reason this journal is mostly locked is simple. While I am a very open person about most everything, there are some parts of my life that I don't feel comfortable sharing on the internet at large. When you have friends, you trust those people, and you share things with them that you don't share with others. My friends are like my family, and I try and treat them as such, with respect and dignity.

I expect the same out of those people who choose to comment here. Do not start shit in this journal and expect to continue being able to read it. I'm all for discussion and debate and argument, but there is a line between being an adult and being a jackass. I hope that everyone can discuss and chat and carry on without crossing it.

Take a glance at the userinfo for more information about me, and if you'd like to friend me, go ahead. Leave a comment so I don't miss it, and we'll chat about a return add.

All graphics, icons, fanfic, and related stuff will remain public. I'm not one to make people join to see my artwork. Yeah, I like credit because well, who doesn't, but again...we're all adults.

Respect me and I'll respect you.
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