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photo post -- natural bridge state resort park

So today, I decided that I was going to go hiking, since it was the first day off I've had in a long time that has been nice weather. After a bit of research, I decided on Natural Bridge State Resort Park (I don't think it counts as a resort in the winter -- the pool is closed!) as my destination. And was promptly reminded, after the leisurely stroll from the parking lot to the trailhead was over (and the WHY HELLO THERE, UPHILL STAIRMASTER SWITCHBACKS OF DOOM portion began) that I have not been hiking lately. Give me all the oxygen tanks and a sherpa, please.

But it was worth it. I made it to the top, and since I knew there was no higher I could go (just out in a few spur trails on the ridgeline) I explored quite a bit. It was so pretty. I took a bunch of photos, but these are my favorites!

10 pictures, none bigger than 800x600. Enjoy!

THE ARCH! There are no photos of the hike up, because I was too friggin tired to deal with the camera, but this was the view that I got when I came around the bend of trees. So worth it, especially with the light streaming through.

And you can actually go climb on top of the arch! Views from the top:

Looking down at the shadow the arch was casting:

And then it was a short hike to an observation point a little under a half mile away, which had a wonderful view:

And then I hiked back to the arch (after some more side adventures) and took a few more shots:

Here's a shot of the top of the arch:

On the hike down, on the 'Battleship Rock' trail, named for the huge soaring sandstone cliffs that surrounded you as you went down off the ridge into the hollow, some trees:

All in all, it was a fantastic afternoon. And after just under 4 miles of hiking, I am going to call this an EARLY night.
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